Railroad Atlantic & North Carolina
The Atlantic & North Carolina (A&NC) Railroad was chartered in 1854 and organized at New Bern. Construction was completed in 1858. The state of North Carolina subscribed to two-thirds of the stock in the railroad. The road ran from Goldsboro, through New Bern to Beaufort. Since it ended 

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across the sound from Beaufort, the new town of Morehead City was created where the tracks ended.  The road was built to provide an alternative for shipping North Carolina goods through Morehead City, rather than through Norfolk, Virginia.
   At the first general stockholders meeting held during July 20-21, 1854, John Dalton Whitford was elected president of the railroad.
   In 1904, the operation of the A&NC line was leased to the Norfolk & Southern Railroad. In 1932, the bankrupt N&S defaulted on the lease payments. The A&NC withdrew the lease in 1935 and began operating the line. In 1939, the operations were once again leased to the newly formed Atlantic & East Carolina (A&EC) Railway Company, headquartered in Kinston. During 1957 and 1958, the A&EC became a subsidiary of the Southern Railway.
   Although merger talks began in 1866 with the North Carolina Railroad, the merger wasn't completed until 1989 — more than a century later.

Officers & Board

  John Dalton Whitford 1854 - 1867
  Charles Randolph Thomas 1867
  Edward R. Stanley  - 1872 -
  Washington Bryan 1886 - 1887
  W. S. Chadwick 1893
  D. W. Patrick 1898
  John Augustus W. Bryan 1899 - 1904
  Samuel Mitchell Brinson 1918
Superintendent & Chief Engineer William H. Harvey 1862 - 1867+
  S. L. Dill 1893
Treasurer J. Cicero Justice 1861 - 1866
Secretary-Treasurer W. P. Metts 1866


   The A&NC Railroad was   
   sometimes referred to as 
   "The Old Mullet Road" because
   of the huge quantities of mullet
   fish shipped on this line

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