North Carolina Industries

   Settled as a maritime and agricultural colony, North Carolina developed its businesses slowly in the colonial period. Agriculture would be the dominant business throughout the 18th and 19th Century. As transportation problems were eased, industry slowly began growing.

   Examples of early industries included iron manufacturing, wagon making, grist mills, cotton gins, cane mills, cabinet/furniture making and much more
   In 1810, North Carolina was one of the leading industrial states, outranking Massachusetts. But reliance on agriculture, closing of British ports and economic malaise caused the state to drop well down the industrial list by 1830.
   But manufacturing would slowly develop. These industries would be extractive — iron ore mining and forging, as well as gold mining — and consumer goods, such as textiles and furniture making.
   For more information, click on business history overview or on the respective industry. Pages on individual businesses will be added over time.
  Agriculture  (Overview)
     Tobaccocoming soon including tobacco manufacturing
Turpentinecoming soon

Clock/Watch Makers & Silver/Gold Smiths
Clock & Watch Makers (pre-1860)
Silver & Gold Smiths (pre-1860) — coming soon

  Financial Services
Banking (1866 - 1900), including private bankers — coming soon
Banking (1900 to present) — coming soon
Insurance Companies (pre-1900)
Insurance Companies (1900 to present) coming soon
Insurance Agents/Brokers (pre-1865)

Extractive Industries
   Iron Forging
     Gold Mining

  Food Services (Grocery Stores to Food Processors)

Merchandising (Retail)
    Merchants (pre-1800)
Merchandising (1800 - 1860)
Merchandising (1861 - 1899)
Merchandising (1900 - present)


  Paper Mills
    Paper Mills pre-1865

     Pre-1865 Photographers 
     1866-1899 Photographers 
coming soon

Textile Mills (pre-1865)
Textile Mills (1860 - 1900) coming soon
Textile Mills (1900 to present) coming soon


     Auto & Truck Manufacturers
     Canals & Rivers
     Carriages, Buggies & Wagons
     Plank Roads
Experimental (1830 - 1834)
          Railroads (pre- 1865)
Railroads (1866 - 1900) coming soon
Railroads (1900 to present) coming soon

     Stage Coaches
     Steamboats --
overview; lists and details of steamboats operating in
        NC -- note: these are large files and may take a moment to load;
Steamboat List 1812-1849
          Steamboat List 1850-1860
          Steamboat List 1861-1880
          Steamboat List 1881-1899

coming soon


1899 Autos
   Textile Mill Operations

Historic Facts
   Cotton Crops (totals)
   Cotton Crop Prices (decades)
   Gold Ore (yearly totals)
   Farms (totals)
   NC City Population 
   Textile Mills (1800-1860)
   Steamboat List 1812-1849
   Steamboat List 1850-1860
   Steamboat List 1861-1880
   Steamboat List 1881-1899


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