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The Western Railroad Company was chartered in December 1852 to build a 43-mile line from Fayetteville to the coalfields of Egypt (in 1895, renamed Cumnock, NC). It took six years to raise capital and procure right-of-way lands. In 1858, construction began with operations commencing

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by 1861 to Evander McIver's plantation (McIver's Depot) on Big Buffalo Creek. Construction continued to Egypt with the complete line finished in Septemebr 1863. 
   Not be be confused with the separate Western North Carolina Railroad Company, the
Western Railroad Company of North Carolina was critical to the Confederacy during the Civil War. Coal was shipped from Egypt to Fayetteville, then loaded on steamers or barges and shipped to Wilmington for use and further distribution.
   In April 1865, General Sherman's troops destroyed twelve miles of track, shops, depots, and railroad buildings. Locomotives and rolling stock were saved, having been moved Egypt.
   The line was reestablished by 1868. By 1871, connections were being made with other railroads, including an extension toward High Point. The railroad continued operations until 1879, when it was merged into the new
Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad.

Officers & Board

  Charles Beatty Mallett 1855 - 1865
1867 - 1868
  H. L. Mygrover 1865 - 1866
Superintendent & Chief Engineer W. A. Kuper - 1859 -
  Leonidas Campbell Jones 1863 - 1867+
Secretary-Treasurer John M. Rose <1861 - 1866+


S. J. Hinsdale 1861 -
W. T. Horne 1861 -
James Kyle 1861 -
E. J. Lilly - 1866+
Thomas. S. Lutterloh 1861 - 1866+
A. A. McKethan 1861 - 1866+
W. McLaurin 1861 -
A. McLean 1861 - 1866+
David McNeill - 1866+
George McNeill 1861 -
H. L. Mygrover 1861 -
R. M. Orrell - 1866+
E. L. Pemberton - 1866+
J. C. Poe - 1866+
Jno D. Williams - 1866+

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