John Stanly (April 9, 1774 - Aug. 2, 1833)
   Politician, merchant and banker, John Stanly was the son of John Wright Stanly, one of the colony's and early state's largest shipowner.
Born in Newbern in 1774, Stanly was orphaned when his parents

died in 1789.
   In 1795, John Stanly briefly became a merchant in Newbern (later renamed New Bern in the late 19th century). He was appointed district court clerk and independently studied law. In 1799, he opened his legal practice.
   He was first elected to the state legislature in 1798. He was involved in a duel in 1802 with Richard Dobbs Spaight, killing Spaight.
   In 1817, he was appointed president of the Bank of Newbern and served in that position until he had a paralyzing stroke on Jan. 16, 1827. His good friend William Gaston took over the presidency of the bank.
   He died on August 2, 1833. Stanly County was formed and named in his honor in 1841.


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