Textile Factory - Rockfish Manufacturing Co., Rockfish Mill or Factory
Built: Fayetteville, NC, 1840
Specifications:  The building was 175-feet long and 56-feet wide. It would contain 4,460 spindles and 100 looms. The mill was water powered. The spinning equipment was made by Mattewan (Establishment) Works of New York.
Notes: The mill began some operations in 1840. It was burned by Union troops in March 1865.
Charles P. Mallett served as president for the company. John W. Sandford served as treasurer (1850).
   In full operation, this factory employed about 150 persons and used approximately 1,250 cotton bales each year. The cost of this facility was estimated at $112,000. For its time, it was the largest textile mill south of Petersburg, Virginia.

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