Textile Factory - Richmond Mill, Richmond Manufacturing Co., Rockingham Mill
Built: Rockingham, NC
Owners: Initial owners and backers were John W. Leake & Crawfords
Specifications:  Four-story brick building positioned on a Falling Creek with a 20 to 24-foot fall. The building was 84-feet long and 47-feet wide. The water wheel was 22-feet in diameter. Machinery in the factory was built by Rogers, Ketchum & Grosvenor (Paterson, NJ). The annual value of goods produced in 1839 (with 1,000 spindles in operation) was $10,000. By 1840, the mill had received 2,200 spindles and 20 looms, of which 1,200 spindles were in operation as of February 1840. There were 35 employees. 
Notes: Chartered in 1828, construction began in 1833 and the mill was completed in 1838. There were two dams above the mill which provided for a saw and grist mill.
   In 1840, the president was Walter F. Leak and three directors: R. J. Steele, William Powell and John P. Leake. A Mr. Spears was the Superintendent, who had previous experience in operating northern cotton mills.

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