Fries Wool and Cotton Mills
Organized: 1839/1840 (Wool); 1848 (Cotton)
Operational: 1840 - 1869, sold and continued to operate
Founder(s): Francis L. Fries (below left) and his father, Johann Christian Wilheim Fries.
(ResolutionArchives)                 The Fries Wool and Cotton Mills in Salem, NC (above c. 1850)
                                                   (photo courtesy of Forsyth County Library)

Francis Levin Fries organized and built the wool mill during 1839 and 1840. He had gained experience acting as a agent for the Salem Manufacturing Company, a cotton mill constructed in 1836. The mill was owned collectively by the Moravian Church (Southern Province) congregation. 
The Fries Woolen and Cotton Mills were later operated by Francis and his brother, Henry F. Fires. Francis died in 1863 and his brother took over operations. Henry W. Fries would run the F. & H. Fries Mill (1882 ad pictured at right). Other relatives would continue in the textile business, primarily wool yarn and clothing into the late 19th century.

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