Textile Factory - Cross Creek Manufacturing Company
Builder: initially built 1824 - 1826 by Henry A. Donaldson; restored in 1837
Built: Fayetteville, NC
Owners: Benbow & Co. (two individuals from Guildford)
Specifications: Opened in January 1838, with 528 spindles.  
Notes: The Donaldson/Fayetteville Manufacturing Company ceased operations in the early 1830s (prior to 1833), perhaps when much of the town of Fayetteville burned on May 29, 1831. The facility was sold to Greensborough textile owner Henry Humphries in 1834, but he never implemented restoration, apparently focusing on expanding his Mount Hecla Mill. In probably April or May 1837, Humphreys sold the facility to Benbow & Co., which restored and opened the textile factory in January 1838. 
   By April 1841, the factory had 1,208 spindles, employed 45 people and consumed 572 cotton bales a year.
   The facility was burned by General Sherman's troops in March 1865.

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