Textile Factory - Battle's Mill, Rocky Mount Mills
Builder: Henry A. Donaldson 1817 - 1820
Built: Great Falls of the Tar River (near Rocky Mount, NC)
Owners: Joel Battle 
Notes:  In 1817, Colonel Joel Battle began construction of a cotton yarn factory, initially called Battle's Mill and later named Rocky Mount Mill(s). Battle partnered with Henry Donaldson (1817), who was an experienced designer and builder of cotton textile factories.
    The mill was opened for operation in 1820 under the partnership of Battle & Co. In 1830, Joel Battle took another partner, John Parker. With growing financial success, he bought out all partners in 1833 and operated the mill until 1839.
   In 1848, James Smith Battle bought the Rocky Mount Mill. His son, William, managed the facility.
   The mill was destroyed in a Civil War raid in July 1863. After the war, it was rebuilt, burned and rebuilt. The mill(s) operated until 1996.
   In 1887, Thomas H. Battle was elected president, serving in that position until 1899 when he assumed the treasurer position. As treasurer, he actively managed the mill until after 1908. Thomas H. Battle served as a director of the company from 1885 until his death.