Steamer - Henrietta
Builder: James Seawell, 1817/1818
Built: Fayetteville, NC, on his plantation
on the east side of Cape Fear River above
Captains: Charles Henry Taws (1818-1820; 1831, 1834, etc.), 
Benjamin Rush (1820-1831, occasionally to 1838 est.),
Patrick (1831), Bob Orrell, Wilkerson, Hartmann and Rothwell
Specifications: Originally 1-deck, a side-wheel, drew 7.5 feet; second deck added later; new engine in 1832.
Notes: Seawell named it for his daughter. Launched on April 30, 1818, but didn't make her first trip until July 1818. The steamer began regular service on the river in October 1818. Construction underway in 1817 according to 1817 petition to NC legislature.