Steamer - Bertie
Builder: Wilbur F. & Edward Solon Askew 1872/1873
Built: Windsor/Hertford, NC
Captains:  Wilbur F. Askew
Specifications:  57.98 tons; 68.4 feet long, 14.2 feet wide, 4.6 feet deep. Engine: 2 horsepower. Screw propeller driven.
Notes: The Askews had the engine and boiler built in Baltimore, while they had the boat constructed -- started 1871, launched 11-26-72, completed February 1873. The first port was Edenton, NC. The steamer began regular runs in March 1873 of both freight and some passengers.

The steamer was initially owned by Wilbur and Edward Askew. In the late 1870s, Charles Harden bought out Edwards Solon Askew's share. By 1882-1883, Harden also had acquired Wilbur F. Askew's share, although Wilbur continued to act as Captain for the vessel.

The boat grounded on Nov. 28, 1888. Final disposition: unknown.
By 1888, the home port (where the permanent registry documents were kept) was New York, NY. web site links:
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