John Hoke (May 26, 1778 - June 9, 1845)

   A merchant, John Hoke and Dr. James Bivings apparently became interested in the Michael Schenck cotton mill — the first in the state around 1818/1819. They
partnered with Michael Schenck to relocate and expand his mill.

   The new Lincoln or Lincolnton Cotton Mill was built in 1819 on the South Fork of the Catawba River with probably 512 spindles, compared to the 150 - 154 spindles in the first Schenck mill. The mill was financially successful and was expanded.
   Hoke bought out the ownership interests of Bivings and Schenck in the Lincolnton Cotton Mill around 1834 and 1835. The mill complex expanded to include production of axes and reportedly cottonseed oil.
   In 1845, Hoke's son-in-law L. D. Childs took over ownership of the mill, along with Hoke's son, John F. Hoke, and operated it for some time at least until the late 1850s. The mill building was destroyed by fire in 1863.
   John Hoke was born in York, Pennsylvania, in 1778. He was a Colonel in the Lincoln County Militia. He is buried in the Old White Church cemetery in Lincolnton.


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