Railroad Wilmington & Raleigh (later Weldon)

   The following list of locomotives for the Wilmington & Weldon (so named after 1854) contains the engine's number, date built, builder and wheel arrangement. Of course, all were steam driven.
   The American style locomotive was the standard engine built by all of the 

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locomotive manufacturers. While the locomotive had many exterior variations, the wheel arrangement (4-4-0) and the over-all appearance remained the same. This particular engine-wheel type was designed to place as much weight as possible on the drivers and to maneuver the sharp curves and poor quality of track conditions 
of the mid-1800s.
Name Number Date Built or
In Service



Retired Notes
Brunswick 1 1839 Norris 4x2x0    
John C. Calhoun 3   Baldwin      
W. H. Haywood 4 1846 Burr, Pea & Simpson      
E. B. Dudley 5 1846 Burr, Pea & Simpson      
John K. Polk 6 Sept.1845 Baldwin 4x2x0    
Perseverance 7 March 1849 Baldwin 4x4x0    
J. M. Morehead 8   Company shops      
Weldon 9 1859? Norris      
North Carolina 10 March 1850 Baldwin 0x6x0    
Farmer 11 1851 Norris      
Merchant 12 May 1851 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Industry 13 Jan. 1853 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Director 14   Norris      
Quickstep 15   Norris      
President 17   Norris      
Express 18 1854 Norris      
Goldsboro 19   Baldwin      
Guilford 20 June 1855 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Alexander McRae 21   Company shops      
Orange 22 Aug. 1856 Manchester 4x4x0    
Wilmington 23 July 1856 Manchester      
Gov. Bragg 24 July 1856 Manchester      
P.K. Dickinson 25 Sept. 1859 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Gov. Ellis 26 Oct. 1859 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Gilbert Potter 27 Dec. 1859 Baldwin 4x4x0    
E. P. Hall 28 Feb. 1860 Baldwin 4x4x0    
Gen. Schofield     Baldwin      
Lamb     Norris      
Job Terry     Hinckley      
Stonewall     Norris      
Tornado     Tredegar      
Lady Davis     B&O, captured #188      
Edward Kidder 33 1866 Mason 4x4x0    

Wheel arrangements list the number of wheels on each of up to 3 axles for the locomotive.

Baldwin Locomotive Works A Philadelphia machine shop that had produced 1,000 locomotives by 1861.

Burr, Pea & Simpson; later Burr & Ettinger A Richmond company that produced a few engines until about 1855.

Hinkley A Boston company that was officially the Boston Locomotive Works. It produced over 600 engines before being closed down by the Panic of 1857.

Norris Locomotive Works A Philadelphia locomotive builder constructing about 1,000 engines between 1836 and 1860. It was the dominant American producer during most of that period.

Tredegar Iron Works A Richmond company that produced about 70 locomotives between 1850 and 1860. Its work is sometimes listed with combinations of the names Anderson (from Joseph R. Anderson, the manager), Souther, Delaney, and Pickering.

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